A life well-pretended and not well-lived
is better than a well-lived life, unrespected.
Pretending life, dejected,
because your living wanted to, unexpected.

Dislike your shadow, abhor your soul – the easy way to win.

To walk alone is the price you pay
to keep yourself surrounded –
to keep the ones you love so close,
content, secure, and not astounded.

They’d mourn your death a little,
and less than if you’d lived.

*This actually something I wrote back in 2017 – Found it on a scrap of paper and thought: “Hey, why not?” Hope it might serve whoever reads this in some way. I embraced really living and – yeah – it had and still has its costs. But, truthfully, the best is yet to come in life… because I’m getting better at it. Who knew? 🙂

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